Frequently asked questions

What is the usual booking procedure?


  • Check our “Journey Planner” and choose all the things you would like to get/experience on your authentic sailing trip. You’ll get a taste of what we offer.
  • Get in contact with us and tell us more about yourself and your desires/needs.
  • We will offer you the most adequate vessels, crew members and additional services/products all based on your requests and wishes.
  • Make your final choice and select the offer you like the most. We will book the vessel and reserve the crew members for 7 days. Meanwhile, it is necessary to provide the down payment of 40%-60% of the whole booking cost. The rest needs to be paid not later than 30 days before your departure.
  • In the meantime, we will provide you with all of the important information regarding your Navigandum Experience and make additional arrangements.


Are there any age restrictions to attend our sailing events?

  • There is no age limit for all private bookings/events.However, aAll minors must be accompanied by their parents or legal representatives.

What is the planned/usual route when sailing with Navigandum?

  • The sailing route is always planed in accordance with your wishes. Naturally we have plenty of pleasant, picturesque  and verified places/routes that can be either chosen or modified to you wishes and liking before embarkation. However, your skipper might suggest a potential route alteration due to weather systems at the time.

Can I choose a different start and end marina after confirming/paying for my experience?

  • Usually no. The marina/port that represents your starting point is a “base marina/port” for a chosen vessel. However, in some cases we are able to negotiate certain deviations to the pick up/drop off location. Please let us know of any such requests well before your trip starts so we can help you to arrange a most pleasant experience.

Am I limited by the size and weight of my luggage?

  • No. The important part is the shape of your bag. Hard suitcases are not suitable for vessels, as they cannot be stored in a cupboard or any other ships’s storage compartment. Your hard suitcase may also become dangerous during sailing.

What if I have or suspect to have seasickness?

  • We suggest the following preventive measures:
    – For your vessel of choice go for a catamaran rather than a sailboat. It is heavier, more stable and therefore more suitable for people with seasickness.
    – Be sure to notify us and your skipper in advance. This way we can prepare adequately.
    – Make sure you drink enough water.
    – Talk to your medical doctor before leaving. You should also bring medication with you if you suspect you might be affected by motion sickness. Some higher price bracket vessels come with an onboard pharmacy that contains seasickness medicine. Active compound is usualy dimenhydrinate (commercial name Dramina). Note that it is always better to be prepared.

Do I need additional insurance for myself?

  • It is not mandatory to have insurance coverage, but we strongly encourage you to get one that covers travel to a foreign country. In case something happens to you, you will be eligible to get the best assistance that your insurance company/policy is providing you with.

How am I insured in case I order Coris health insurance?

  • Coris Health insurance covers travellers to foreign countries. In the event of an accident, the organiser will make sure that the insurance company receives all the information about your insurance. You will not be provided with insurance policy information.
    Coris health insurance you receive is insurance with an insurance premium of € 25,000 and is intended primarily to cover costs in the event of emergency medical care, transport home, transport to a hospital, emergency medication, transport of a family member to you, etc.
    You can read more about Coris health insurance on their website under the “Basic” column.

Is it possible to pay for my trip in installments?

  • It is in some cases, especially when you are booking far in advance (e.g. this year for the next one). However, the vessel needs to be provided with a down payment of 40% to 60% immediately as a part of your booking confirmation.

What is the min./max. number of passengers per vessel?

  • Generally, the max amount of passengers on most commercial sailing vessels is from 4 to 12 with skipper and crew included. It really all comes down to the size of the vessel you choose.

Booking Cancellation

  • Booking cancellation is elaborated in our General Terms and Conditions. To be transparent, it much depends on the vessel owner – company. We offer our and our partners’ vessels to our clients. Therefore, each vessel’s owner has its own conditions. Not to worry, we are committed to transparency so we will disclose all of the fine print with you before your down-payment. Booking cancellation is usually possible within a limited time frame – mostly it is no less than 30 days before the departure day, but it can vary.

Do I need any cash with me when going sailing?

  • Yes. We do recommend you to bring some cash with you in case you plan to have lunch/dinner/drink in a restaurant/bar on a secluded island, where your cards are no good. Additionally, all the moorings/buoys or other non-planned things are often cash only.

What currency do I need to bring with me?

  • It depends on the country you are planning to visit. If it is Croatia – HRK-Croatian Kuna, If it is Italy, Slovenia or Greece than € – Euro.

Additional costs and fees to be aware of

  • There are some additional non-included costs within your booking, such as: transportation costs*, deposit, transit log, crew members*, food*, beverage*, moorings/buoys fees*, etc.

    *depends on your choice and sailing experience type. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Is it possible to change the vessel once it has been booked?

  • Yes, but not on each occasion. There are few mandatory conditions if possible:
    – The change must be arranged within the timeframe from our and the owner’s Terms and Conditions
    – In the event the newly booked vessel is more expensive you will have to pay for the difference/surcharge. In case the price is lower you will usually get a credit note.

Booking payment

  • It is mandatory to pay 40% to 60% of the whole amount of your booking in case you want to confirm your booking. The percentage depends on the vessels’ owner requirements.

Can I order food/beverage supplies on my vessel or do I need to bring them myself?

  • We have substantial expertise when it comes to ordering and organizing food on any vessel for our clients. Our specialty is the Mediterranean Cuisine, but are capable of providing you with anything. You can decide to bring your own food and drinks, but when you don’t want to bother with it and have the maximum comfort, let us know your desires and we’ll make it happen.
    We also have various verified menus based on our positive experience. Our supply fundamentals have roots in a great relationships with local partners.

What is the vessel’s storage capacity for food/beverage/water?

  • Each vessel has plenty of room for dry food, but has limited storage un it’s refrigeration units. Before your booking please check the technical specifications for your vessel to see the exact figures. In case you are not sure feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Will there be an option for buying additional food or beverages when sailing?

  • We will consult with you and change the itinerary to your needs. To give you a more specific answer: YES, but just not every day.

Are there any alcoholic beverages included in your sailing experiences?

  • We provide alcoholic beverages but only if you contact us before hand. This way we will include (almost) any beverages of your choosing to your booking arrangement. Nonetheless, you can bring aboard any beverage you like, or you can simply buy it in a local store.

Can I charge my mobile phone/laptop/electronic devices with a normal EU socket charger?

  • Yes, but only when the vessel is connected to shore power/electricity in the marina. Some vessels have an additional generator or inverter that supplies 220 Volts and therefore provides charging capabilities. Otherwise, when the boat is under way or at anchor it is limited to battery power. Plan to charge your devices via 12V to USB adapter (as seen in cars).

Is the water on the vessel drinkable?

  • Yes, but we do not recommend you to drink it or use it for cooking, unless necessary. For hygiene’s sake, we use bottled water.

Do I need to bring my towels, bedding, blankets when going sailing?

  • It depends on the vessel owner, but usually the bedding and the blankets come as an obligatory part of the booking. We still recommend bringing at least 1 or 2 towels with you.

Is the vessel equipped with AC?

  • Not all of them, but some of them are. In case you want your boat to be equipped with AC, check the technical specifications before booking. It is worth noting that AC can only run off shore power and/or generator.

What type of clothes/footwear do I need to bring along?

  • Swimwear for sure, but keep in mind that it can get quite wet and humid when sailing, so it is essential to pack warm and waterproof/windproof clothes also.

Is there any difference between using a restroom at home or on board a vessel?

  • Yes, but not in the way you might think. The only difference, and it is a very important one, is that the vessels’ toilet pipes are much narrower, therefore you are not supposed to throw toilet paper in the bowl. For that we use a special trash bin, so we can avoid extra fees associated with unclogging of the toilets.

Who is going to be my skipper/chef/hostess? Can I pick them myself?

  • We will allocate you someone from our crew, based on the availability. Not to worry though, all of our staff members go trough extensive training and each and every one knows how to do their job. In case you want a certain  member or just want to meet them in advance, we will be happy to oblige.

Can I bring my own skipper?

  • Yes, but in that case you are on your own. We can not be responsible for the safety of your vessel and/or participants. You can read more about it in our Terms and Conditions.

Departure and arrival time & location

  • The departure time is usually in the afternoon (3-5pm), however with an additional fee, there is a possibility of an early departure if the vessel is available.

What happens in case me or anybody from my crew arrives late?

  • Do not worry. We will wait for any late-comers, but you have to notify your skipper on the situation. Good comunication is the key.

What type of documents do I need to bring?

  • In order to confirm the identity of each member of your crew, the charter company and Navigandum Experience will need a valid ID card or passport. However, to get from your country of origin to country of departure you may need additional documents. You should always seek travel requirements/advice from your local government, before your departure date. 

Transportation to the departure point of our sailing trip

  • You are required to arrive at the departure point by your own means of transportation. If you require assistance we will be happy to help. Keep in mind that we can only provide advice and book existing means of transportation. We do not have any deals with air/land transport operators, therefore we can not negotiate a better price for our clients.

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